A more dynamic TÜVASAŞ...

As the first and only passenger car manufacturer of Turkey, we wanted to reveal our current dynamism in TÜVASAŞ, which has been continuing its activities for more than half a century uninterruptedly, by also renewing our corporate identity while determining the strategy of 2010s.

TÜVASAŞ has a rooted corporate culture. Many factors that constitute this culture demonstrate the common understanding and objectives of the institution. We have always had the chance to compete in the sector as a dynamic TÜVASAŞ, not stagnant, in changing and evolving world conditions. It has been our main goal to sustain this dynamism.

TÜVASAŞ, which reveals a profile of  profitableprofile ofstructuring today, shows that our efforts are not wasted.

The corporate identity, which was created with the name TÜVASAŞ by gaining the status of the joint stock company in 1986, was renewed considering the developments and changes in the past 25 years.

The new emblem and logotype have been designed to explain the modernity, simplicity and dynamism worthy of not only TÜVASAŞ’s built-in brand and corporate value, but also its future goals, mission and vision.

The red color forming the body of the emblem has been preferred as it shows the determination and stability that lead to the completion of a job, as well as representing vitality and dynamism.

The blue color reveals the direction of Tüvasaş ready for tomorrow in terms of its symbolizing limitlessness and future. The main reason why we have chosen the typeface for TÜVASAŞ is to ensure the correct recognition of an institution that is integrated with the world.

And the roads... Rails are uniting. We soften the rails on purpose, because we offer comfort, safety and convenience in transportation. The rails that go forward, towards the future, unite at the target in tomorrows without any problems. This also means that technology and respect for people reach their goal. The white rails tell about the lack of problems in transportation; they tell about the quality, infinity, and environmentalism in the production and use of rail vehicles. The union of the rails at the top evokes achievement.

We have made sure that the colors and images accurately evoke and define TÜVASAŞ. We have created our corporate identity with a design that includes not only its current status but also its future position.

We are conducting our work in TÜVASAŞ by realizing that we can build tomorrow only today. Every work done is aimed at tomorrow rather than today. We make sure that the steps we take in every field from the quality of our products to improving working conditions, from established collaborations to the right communication strategy, will carry TÜVASAŞ to the tomorrows.

Today, as TÜVASAŞ, we are looking at the world through the threshold of a bright future, and we see the need that where we look at must be ahead of the point where we stand.

It is known that today’s institutions prefer designs that differ from their competitors also architecturally. We also made architectural environmental arrangements at the factory entrances that we conducted simultaneously with corporate identity studies. Thus, we offer our corporate image to you by adding our new architectural modification to our renewed corporate identity.